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After 30 days you will need to provide a credit card to continue using the Plus features.If you do nothing we will automatically move your team to our Hip Chat Basic plan. Based on a series of epic poems written by Francesco Petrarca, the cards mimicked the entire human existance from love, chastity, death, time, fame and eternity.As time went on the Tarot deck evolved from the 6 suits to the 4 suits we have today, staves, wands, cups and swords.

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We know you'll love it, that's why we don't ask for your credit card up front.

The process of shuffling the cards can now be automated, but the interpretation of the results is something that only a trained tarot card reader can properly do.

Fortunately we have a pretty detailed system which can help you read your own results.

You don’t need a credit card during the trial, so feel free to try it out.

Yes, we firmly believe you should only pay for software once you are convinced of its value.

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